Creating a Classy Image for Your Business With Staff Name Badges

If you run a high-end establishment such as an upscale restaurant or hotel, then having classy name badges for your staff is a great way to cement the image of your company. Here are some things to keep in mind. 

Permanent name badges

Permanent name badges give a great impression that your staff are a permanent and long-standing part of your business. Even if you do have relatively high staff turnover as a factor of the industry, it's a good idea to have some names badges for everyone on the staff to use. The name badges let the customers approach the staff directly and address them by their name, instead of referring to them generically. This can also make customer interaction easier and less stressful for staff who may not like being referred to as "Hey, you" or similar generic greeting.

Your logo

The name badge is a great place to display your logo again. Bear in mind that a logo that looks great on a large surface may need to be tweaked to look good on a smaller scale, as fine detail can get blended together on a small scale. Often the style of construction can make a lot of difference, with plastic injection moulding being an affordable but less precise option compared to laser engraving on metal plated name badges for example. A professional name badge company can often help you work through these issues to come up with a way to portray your logo in an attractive way. 

Your colour scheme

The cheapest option for name badges tends to be the single colour or two colour options. These can often be a great option but exploring different textures such as metallic finishes or metallic foiling in the names can often be a simple way to elevate the name badges and help them to look extra special. 

Easy to clean

In spite of best efforts, it can be all too easy to spill food or drinks on a name badge, particularly in a busy restaurant environment. It's important to have a badge that can be easily wiped down so that your staff don't need to spend the rest of the shift with a food stained badge. 

Your staff name badges are an important part of the marketing for your establishment. Why not chat to a name badge manufacturing company to discuss which options might be suitable for your staff. 

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If you run a high-end establishment such as an upscale restaurant or hotel, then having classy name badges for your staff is a great way to cemen